Aleo Vera & Tea Tree Beard Cleanser

Aleo Vera & Tea Tree Beard Cleanser

Aloe Vera Beard Cleanser 100ml


- Soothes and hydrates skin and beard

- Removes day to day dirt and grime without removing natural beard oils

- Treats acne and beardruff

- Anti-inflammatory

- Soothes redness from shaving & irritation

- Leaves skin feeling smoother and softer



Warning - may contain nuts


How to use

Apply approximately 5 mL of the cleansing gel evenly to your beard and skin 10 - 15 minutes prior to showering. Apply additional product depending on beard length and volume. Leave the gel on for at least 10 minutes or longer to maximize results and remove product buildup. Rinse product thoroughly and allow beard to air dry. Once dry style with Beard Tings' beard oil and balm for added moisture, sheen, and hold.