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Beard Tings is Coming!

Wow, what a journey. Beard Tings started out as a bit of fun, doing reviews of beard care products, and helping people out with beard care tips.

After a year of reviewing, we decided to start making our own products for a bit of fun, to see what it was all about. Quickly we realised that we were bloody good at it! So, we started to develop scents and products that we really like the idea of but couldn’t find anywhere on the market, and thus, Beard Tings was born.

We now have a product range of six scented oils, six scented balms, a daily beard cleanser and beard straighteners, and will continue to grow and push the industry to, and past its limits.

Just waiting on out product safety testing to be complete and we will be open for business!

Christmas 2020 here we come!

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