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Beard Tings is 100% Safety Compliant!

Great News, Beard Tings has now passed and completed it CPSR testing!

What is CPSR I hear you ask. CPSR means Cosmetic Product Safety Rating. This is a legality in the European Union which all cosmetic products must undergo to ensure they are safe to use.

We will not bore you with too many details, but this is something really important to look out for when buying not only beard care products, but any cosmetic product.

Most companies do have their CPSR testing, but unfortunately there are still come chancers out there.

So, what does it mean if you use a product that’s not CPSR tested? It means you have no idea what you are really putting on your skin or hair. It could literally be anything! There are a lot of ingredients, particularly the scent ingredients that can be harmful and damage your skin. CPSR testing does not only ensure that the products are safe, but it also meant that the company is insured.

If a company is not CPSR tested, it means either its public liability insurance is either invalid or… they do not have any at all!! And this is not good for anyone!

Make sure you check companies’ websites before buying, or even just drop them a quick message to ask about their CPSR testing, most companies will be happy to let you know if they have it.

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